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A little stream in the wasteland.
According to the Holy Bible,
God is the everlasting, infinite, loving
creator and sustainer of our world, and us.
According to Psalms 139, He knew us
before He created us, and according
to Ephesians 2, He has a plan for us.
There is so much more richness 
in getting to know Him, that we
cannot list it all here, but we
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Don’t miss this–  God loves you.
The Holy Bible is God’s Word.
It contains 66 individual books
that collectively tell the story of all
creation, but particularly, it chronicles
the story of God’s love for His chosen people throughout history.
His Word is living and able to discern the
intents of the heart, instruct, encourage,
and convict, as needed.  It is a gift
from the God who loves us, to us,
so we can enjoy all the blessings
this life He’s given us has to offer.
A common starting point for new
readers is the book of John. 
For practical wisdom for everyday living,
try a chapter a day of Proverbs. 
Click the image above to dig in.
Oswald Chambers lived quite a long
while ago, but the cool thing about
that is that the Bible was around back then.
Oswald had a remarkably insightful
relationship with Jesus, and a true gift
for sharing the beauty & wisdom he gained
from that with readers.
My Utmost For His Highest is an
online collection of short devotional
passages, of which, one is shared
daily.  Starting your day with prayer,
a short reading in the Bible, and a
devotional passage to help you apply
God’s wisdom is a great step toward
living in the center of God’s will and
enjoying His love, favor, grace and
peace.  Won’t you click the image
above and discover more?

 Get to Know You

Romans 10:9-13 says that when someone confesses their trust in
Jesus as Savior, and believes in their heart that God raised Him from 
the dead just as scripture says, they will be saved…that is, when their
life on earth is over, they will not be eternally separated from God,
but will experience all the fullness of God’s presence, love, and
blessing for eternity.
Scripture goes on to say in Ephesians 2:8 that salvation is a gift of God. 
We do nothing to earn it.  We receive it by grace, which is
unmerited favor.
God is always giving us gifts.  When we trust in Him, we are reborn
with His Spirit, who lives inside us and is our constant companion
and counselor.  The Holy Spirit gives each new believer at least one
(but often, more) spiritual gift to be used for God’s purposes
in His Kingdom.  Discover 8 benefits of knowing your gifts here.
It can be an adventure to discover how you’ve been
gifted for God’s purposes.
Take the quiz by clicking on the gift–>
See how God has gifted YOU!


  Spiritual Gifts

           don’t come in a box.

    They come disguised as YOU.